Liebe Trainerinnen und Trainer / Dear trainers,

auf dieser Seite werdet ihr ab jetzt über aktuelle Fortbildungen für euch auf dem Laufenden gehalten! / On this page we will keep you up to date about our current train-the-trainer courses:
Mai 2020:

New! Gender/Diversity Seminar on May 27th from 9am-3pm at the inspire Center in Salzburg Vogelweiderstraße 63.
Contact to register, it´s free for all inspire trainers

Free German courses for all inspire trainers
In order to offer a bit of distraction during these difficult times we decided to offer you all free German courses in the month of May.
Courses will take place for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 with 2×2 units per week. Please complete the form below in order to register for one of the free courses – we will organise the first appointment as a kick-off meeting and you will discuss the further appointments directly with your teacher. Enjoy!!

    Which course would you like to join? Please select the level and first appointment in order to join: