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Natalie van´t Hoff, Key Account Manager / Senior Center Manager

The „Customized Learning“-Institute.

The business environment in which companies operate today is dynamic and subject to constant change. This of course also has an influence on the learner’s actual requirements regarding foreign languages. A modern language training must reflect this and use the state-of-the-art methods based on the most up-to-date research in order to optimise the success of the students and, above all make it applicable.


Each training has different requirements and each participant has a different way of learning. We find out how to help you the most. Our trainers use an appropriate mix of methods according to the respective requirements and goals in order to create a dynamic and inspiring learning environment.


True to the motto „The student and not the teacher determines the method“ we create the perfect training for each participant.


  • Examples More Less
    • The trainer introduces various written and oral tasks to improve accuracy, flow and communication skills.
    • The trainer immediately corrects errors in case the focus of the task is on accuracy. If flow is more important, errors will be corrected only at the end.
    • The trainer supports all four language competences (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
    • Drills are used to train the pronunciation, where the student has to repeat phrases again and again.
    • The trainer helps the student to use the correct grammar in the right situation.
    • The trainer understands that didactic training not only covers grammar and lexis, but also linguistic functions, colloquial expressions, phrases, etc.
    • The trainer might be able to translate single words or phrases on occasion, should this support teaching, especially when it comes to new concepts and abstract ideas.
    • Professional and work-related materials (brochures, templates, legal regulations, drawings, etc.), so-called “realia”, can be integrated to gain confidence for the specific use.
    • The trainer uses a variety of exercise types to practice new vocabulary and language structures. These provide change and bring liveliness to the training (use of classical “Controlled Practice Techniques & Less Controlled Practice Techniques”).
    • Concrete professional applications, the presentation of technical processes, discussions, presentations and negotiations are practiced by realistic simulations and role-plays.
  • Advantages More Less
    • The trainer has more flexibility while teaching
    • All aspects of modern language training are integrated
    • The lesson is varied and exciting
    • There is a dynamic, motivating and inspiring atmosphere in the classroom


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