With some customers, like Mayr-Melnhof, I have been working together for many years. You know the requirements of the company very well and can also openly discuss which trainings work well or where some readjustment is needed, e.g. if the group is not yet completely homogeneous. Continuous training also means continuous change and improvement. Open communication about this is very important to me.

Mag. Stephanie Heidenreich, Key Account Manager

Modular Learning

The inspire company service will work with you to come up with a training plan, which comprises of not just the short term training goals but will also have a long-term perspective. The optimal combination of trainings is developed from the areas of language, culture and communication in order to ensure the best possible result for your company.
After a takeover, your employees will have to work closely with colleagues from a subsidiary in England. The command of English has to be improved rapidly and the processes in the company have to be realigned.


Possible training plan:

  • English language group trainings for the concerned departments
  • On-site intercultural trainings for the target countries for the employees in Austria and England
  • On-site “Change Management” seminar for the employees in Austria and England or a teambuilding seminar with the department heads in England or Austria

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