In the last few years, brain research has provided groundbreaking insights into management, motivation and behavioural change of employees. This knowledge on one hand gives us the opportunity to lead in a brain-friendly manner. On the other hand, it helps us understand how behaviour and actions of employees can be influenced.

Dr. Hannes Horngacher– Expert inspire Business Seminars



The demands on people with leadership responsibilities are manifold and the role is subject to constant change.
Learn which aspects influence your leadership style, how you can ensure that your employees act according to your expectations and instructions; also which neuroscientific findings can help you to advance your career.


Choose from the following and many other seminars on this topic:

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Learning Psychology for Managers
  • Neuroleading – Leading “with Brains”
  • Informal Leadership
  • Conducting Difficult Conversations
  • Happy Boss = Happy Team
  • Leading across National Borders
  • Coaching for Managers


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