In the last few years, brain research has provided groundbreaking insights into management, motivation and behavioural change of employees. This knowledge on one hand gives us the opportunity to lead in a brain-friendly manner. On the other hand, it helps us understand how behaviour and actions of employees can be influenced.

Dr. Hannes Horngacher– Expert inspire Business Seminars

Being permanently available for the job, driving the kids to dance lessons and then preparing tomorrow’s presentation in the evening – in our fast-paced time it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right balance between work and private life. However, those of us who only run along in the hamster wheel instead of also taking care of themselves are exposed to major health risks. With our work-life balance seminars, we want to ensure that your health does not get left behind.
Choose from the following and many other seminars on this topic:

  • Time and Self-Management
  • Discover, Use & Conserve Resources
  • Keep Your Brain in Shape
  • Rediscovering Focus
  • More Power for Everyday Working Life
  • Mindfulness and Neuroscience

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