We all are characterised by our socio-cultural values. An intercultural training always begins with the reflection of one’s own culture. It is only in this context that one can classify and understand other cultures.

Herbert Gerzer, Manager of Training & Development

Intercultural Trainings

In our globalised world “a bit of knowledge” about cultural differences and practices in other countries is no longer sufficient. An intensive preparation for business relations and dealing with foreign companies or employees from abroad is becoming more and more critical for business.


inspire offers trainings on culture and society of different target countries. Whether “Doing Business with India”, “Welcoming Guests from Oman” or “Living and Working in Austria” – apart from the knowledge transfer, the main focus is on sensitising how much one’s own actions are influenced by their native culture. In this way, more understanding for other cultures can be created.


In our workshop “Global Awareness” you develop a basic awareness for working in a globalised business world. The training does not focus on a specific target culture, but on the general ability to perceive one’s own cultural perspective and to understand the behavioural patterns of people from different cultures. The confident handling of cultural differences as well as an understanding of the reality of your counterpart plays a central role. In this way, you can improve your cooperation with international business partners and increase the work productivity on a global scale.
We would be happy to create an individual training plan according to your company needs – simply contact our inspire company service