It is important to me that the participants feel comfortable with us and really learn what they need in everyday life and in their careers. In addition to the German classes and the job application trainings, we would also like to give the participants a lot of knowledge about the culture and the conditions in Austria – so that they can get by better in everyday life.

Mag. Verena Faißner, Senior Center Manager

Deutsch im Beruf

Our AMS-German courses „Deutsch im Beruf“, „Deutsch für Gastronomie, Handel und Reinigung“ and “Deutsch A2 für Geflüchtete” are targeted towards participants that are already registered with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) and need to further their German skills.

The courses of “Deutsch im Beruf” are for participants with little to no German skills (target levels A1-B1). In the courses of “Deutsch für Gastronomie, Handel und Reinigung” we aim to complete the levels A2 and B1. In the courses of “Deutsch A2 für Geflüchtete” we aim to complete Level A2.


In these courses participants will not only enhance their German skills but also work on their German CV and learn how to apply for jobs in German. We also look into ways of finding a suitable job and reflect on the cultural and social challenges of living and working in Austria.


Please note that in order to participate in one of these courses you need to be registered with the Public Employment Service Salzburg (AMS Salzburg).


Here you can download the course brochures for our AMS courses (in German):


Info Sheet “Deutsch im Beruf”

Info Sheet “Deutsch für Gatronomie, Handel und Reinigung”

Info Sheet “Deutsch A2 für Gefluechtete”


If you have any questions don´t hesitate to contact us.


Interested in learning German with inspire? We also offer single and group tuition.