It is important to me that the participants feel comfortable with us and really learn what they need in everyday life and in their careers. In addition to the German classes and the job application trainings, we would also like to give the participants a lot of knowledge about the culture and the conditions in Austria – so that they can get by better in everyday life.

Mag. Verena Faißner, Senior Center Manager

OESD Exams

OESD (Austrian Language Diploma) is a state-approved examination system for German as a foreign and second language. At our inspire centre in Salzburg, we offer examination dates on a regular basis.


  • ÖSD A1 Grundstufe Deutsch 1 More Less

    Cost: € 129,- (incl. VAT)
    The exam serves as a proof of German language proficiency in connection with the issuing of a residence permit for family members according to “Family Reunification” (“Familienzusammenführung”) in the Settlement and Residence Act.

  • ÖSD A2 Grundstufe Deutsch 2 More Less

    Cost: € 149,- (incl. VAT)
    This exam is required in context of the fulfilment of the integration agreement („Integrationsvereinbarung“) 2011, Module 1 (A2 level after 2 years, Settlement and Residence Act).

  • ÖSD Zertifikat B1 More Less

    Cost: € 169 (incl. VAT)
    This exam serves as a proof of German language proficiency in connection with the fulfilment of the integration agreement („Integrationsvereinbarung“) 2011, Module 2, Settlement and Residence Act and/or for obtaining the Austrian citizenship.

  • ÖSD Zertifikat B2 Mittelstufe Deutsch More Less

    Cost: € 179 (incl. VAT)
    The certificate is recognised for granting “Citizenship to particularly well-integrated Foreigners” (after a stay of 6 years) or is usually required as a proof to study in Austrian universities.

  • ÖSD Zertifikat C1 Oberstufe Deutsch More Less

    Cost: € 189 (incl. VAT)
    This certificate is also a proof to study in different Austrian universities.

  • Dates for ÖSD-exams 2022 at our centre in Salzburg More Less

    Exam Dates (Written/Oral):
    27.01.2022 1 p.m. Written exam / 02.02.2022 9 a.m. Oral Exam

    17.03.2022 1 p.m. Written exam / 23.03.2022 9 a.m. Oral Exam

    19.05.2022 1 p.m. Written exam / 25.05.2022 9 a.m. Oral Exam

    14.07.2022 1 p.m. Written exam / 20.07.2022 9 a.m. Oral Exam

    22.09.2022 1 p.m. Written exam / 28.09.2022 9 a.m. Oral Exam

    24.11.2022 1 p.m. Written exam / 30.11.2022 9 a.m. Oral Exam

  • Registration More Less

    Please register at least 14 days before the examination date, as there are only a limited number of places.

    You can download the registration form here
    For the registration we need a completely filled-out registration form and a copy of your passport or residence permit.
    You can personally hand it over to us at the inspire learning centre in Vogelweiderstraße 63, 5020 Salzburg or send it via email or post.
    Please note: in order for your application to be considered as confirmed, the respective exam fee has to be received in our account no later than 7 days before the exam date.
    If you have any questions – call us at Tel. +43 662 62 78 85

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